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Why Australia

Australia has been chosen by many African, South American and US based operations as a desirable business hub for typical mining related supply chain requirements. Australia enjoys a very competitive but more importantly a very sophisticated mining environment combined with a highly skilled workforce.  With many Australian owned assets throughout Africa and South America – a commercial office on the continent makes incredible business sense within our Group.

  • Mining in Australia is a significant primary industry and a positive contributor to the Australian economy,
  • Supports a stable Government and a developed legal system,
  • The Government supports pro-business opportunities,
  • Ease of interaction within the mining sector,
  • Advance transport and communications networks,
  • Australia has fully developed and commercially ready ports in multiple locations through the country,
  • Australia has a first class air transport system,
  • Our work force is well experienced within the mining sector,
  • Wide variety of Manufacturers and Vendors located within close proximity of key trading areas,
  • Majority of International Mining Brand Products are freely available throughout Australia

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