“I am proud to work for a company looking after its customers”

About Us

Absolute Group boasts more than 25 years of Supply Chain experience within the Mining, Oil & Gas industries throughout the world. Boasting more than 8 years of specific industry experience within the surrounding Western European trading markets, we have multiple satellite offices throughout West Europe.  These are well informed and in-tune with Industry demands and requirements. For this reason we have adopted a flexible business protocol around our vast variety of clients.

Our staff is well acquired and has a high level of mining operation understanding and experience. Our Group aligned itself with critical and key manufacturers within these trading areas.

These operating advantages facilitate dealings with International located clients, supporting on-time and accurate supply chain requirements.

In addition, our Western European satellite offices form parts of an International Group allowing us to operate beyond International Trading borders.

Our European offices adhere to the highest operating standards, have a great respect for operational requirements and costs BUT most importantly invest in long lasting, healthy and sustainable relationships. 


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