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Why Europe

The Western European geographic locations have proven to be the best kept secret for International requirements.  A solid road system throughout, international shipping ports and various commercial airports makes Western Europe one of the most appealing and strategic Supply Chain destinations -

  • The European economy is based on a free market principle,
  • Political stable,
  • Road infrastructure is world class, cargo can connect between East, West, South And North coast within 48 hours of departure,
  • Western Europe has fully developed and world class ports in numerous countries,
  • Our airports are well geared for specify and general international locations,
  • Wide variety of vendors and manufacturers are located throughout Western Europe,
  • Western America actively encourages exports. Few restrictions on exports are imposed,
  • Trans-shipment of cargo is drastically reduced and supported frequent sailings, these sailings is of relative short duration,
  • We have a reasonable skilled workforce within the Energy and Mining industry,
  • Although the affordability of the Euro currency is marginal – energy and mining related commodities are available

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