“I am proud to work for a company looking after its customers”


  • The American economy is based on a free market principle,
  • America is the leading economy in the world,
  • USA is politically stable with a democratically elected political party in place,
  • Road infrastructure is world class, cargo can connect between East, West and South coast within 48 hours of departure,
  • America has fully developed ports in numerous states,
  • Airports are well geared for scheduled and non-scheduled flights for passenger and cargo requirements,
  • Work force is well experienced in the petrochemical and mining sectors,
  • Junior to senior management have a good level of understanding and are well experienced within the petrochemical and mining sectors,
  • Wide variety of vendors and manufacturers present within the Houston area,
  • Mining commodities are of excellent standard and are most of the time commonly used throughout Africa,
  • Big part of the petrochemical and mining commodities manufactured have now been metricated,
  • Majority of international mining name brands are freely available in America. These companies carry significant stock holding for the mining sector,
  • America actively encourages exports. Few restrictions on exports are imposed,
  • America offers a wide selection of well priced and a huge range of petrochemical and mining commodities,
  • The Houston port services the majority of our destinations directly, therefore reducing trans-shipment delays.

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